Group Fitness

Ball & Bar
A unique workout that targets most muscles from head to toe, along with challenging the deep core stabilizers.

BOSU Intervals
A class that has evolved with the changing fitness times, this hour is now dedicated to using the versatile BOSU in an intense series of intervals that target all major muscle groups while keeping the heart rate elevated throughout. The class wraps up with a traditional BOSU core workout that never seems to get any easier!

Cardio Kick
A high-energy class filled with jabs, upper cuts, crosses, kicks, and creative martial arts-inspired combinations.

Circuit Challenge
This class is the perfect combination of cardio intervals on the bike, followed by muscle conditioning moves. Using a variety of equipment such as Gliders, weights, and bands, you are sure to strengthen every muscle in your body.

Core to the Floor
When the core and the lower body work together, the result is a functional, strength building and toning extravaganza! A variety of apparatus combined with free-body and mat work will target all the right places!

Not everyone takes a rest day on Sunday and we're pretty sure Karen never rests! Geared to kick-start a day that you may otherwise stay in your pajamas, Karen's “charming” way of counting reps will make it hard to keep dropping squats when all you really want to drop is a big ol' f-bomb!

Thirty minutes dedicated to stretching, lengthening, and elongating muscles through a variety of exercises.

More than ‘just stretching,' Flexcetera uses foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and a variety of stretch techniques to help you find that one thing you've been missing. While this class doesn't come without some wincing and discomfort, it's all worth it after only a few classes when you realize how tight your muscles actually were, and how great it feels to release all that tension!

If you've already got a ‘case of the Mondays,' then why not just keep the hits coming in this intense 45-minute class? Your heart rate will stay elevated as Karen incorporates both cardio and resistance in this fast-paced, unpredictable class. If you haven't already had the opportunity to say "FML" by 4:45 on Monday, then now is your chance! And, for those of you who don't know what it stands for, let's just say "Five More Lunges!"

Functional Core Intervals
You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in half an hour with these mini-circuit intervals. Exercises based on the muscles of the core and torso mixed with regular bouts of intense cardio will strengthen your core and keep your heart pumping from beginning to end!

The Gymstick is an apparatus designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, balance and flexibility, muscle tone, fat loss, and coordination. Come out and try this multi-level class and discover core muscles you never knew you had!

Hard Core
A variety of both traditional and functional exercises to strengthen and tone the entire core musculature. A challenging workout that also helps increase your personal repertoire of core exercises to incorporate into your regular routine.

HIIT 2 B Fit
Wake up and shake up the beginning and end of your week with a committed group of spin enthusiasts, willing to compromise that extra bit of sleep for a crazy HIIT spin workout! You'll know you started your day right when you're mopping up puddles of sweat around your bike when most people are just rolling out of bed!

HIIT me!
A highly popular style of working out to avoid the boredom of steady-state cardio, these high intensity intervals of cardio, resistance and core will keep the heart pumping while making the time fly. Using equipment such as steps for plyometrics, battle ropes, and skipping ropes, much of the resistance in this class also comes from a wide variety of bodyweight exercises.

Hump Day Beatdown
Could 8:30 on a Wednesday morning get any worse? Yes! As if the dreaded "Hump Day" wasn't enough, throw Karen and a whole lotta sweat into the mix, and suddenly the rest of the day doesn't look so bad. A classic "Karen" class, you will leave feeling like you got what you came for… even if you weren't sure what that was. A little bit of everything mixed in with whatever Karen feels like doing on any given Wednesday, one thing is for sure: it's a beatdown!

Kitchen Sink!
Expecting the same class you did last week? You're in the wrong place! This class turns mundane into INSANE with a surprise around every corner. It's an equipment smorgasbord, so don't rely on muscle memory to get you through; what Karen wants, YOU get!

New Body
A total body, low impact aerobics class with light weights and the freedom to power it up.

Improve posture and core strength; feel stronger, leaner, and longer while developing musculoskeletal balance. Learn proper principles of breathing, shoulder and pelvic placement, and activation of deep abdominal muscles. Apply these principles to challenge abdominal strength, endurance, stability, coordination, and balance.

Rock Your Bottom
The type of person that can make it to a group fitness class at 4:45 on a Friday afternoon is the same type of person who is up to the challenge of having their bottom rocked! A class that focuses specifically on the lower body from the butt down, this class brings a whole new meaning to ‘leg day.' Generally presented in HIIT format, plan to keep the heart pumping and the legs burning. Once a week is enough!

A group exercise program using high performance stationary bikes, music to get you pumped, and an energetic instructor to lead you through an intense, low-impact workout.

Spin Circuit
A spin class that combines weights, core, strength, balance, and endurance with exercises on and off the bike. How time flies when you're having fun?!

Spin/BOSU Circuit
Expect a heart-pounding, full-body workout using the bike, BOSU, Gliders, and various pieces of resistance equipment for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This class incorporates muscle conditioning and high-intensity cardio intervals on the bike and BOSU to challenge participants to push their limits!

Stretch & Strengthen
You will enjoy flowing forms and power postures in movement that will leave you rejuvenated for your day.

Tone & Tighten
This class will target almost every muscle! You will firm up, define, and strengthen all at once.

Work It! Circuit
Using the primary pillars of locomotion, level changes, pushing, pulling, and rotation, as well as cardio, core, and an infinite selection of functional and challenging exercises, participants rotate through 15 different exercises in five 9-round circuits. Much different than a traditional instructor-led class, this is a workout from which anyone can benefit, regardless of prior experience or level of fitness.

You'll catch yourself grinning from ear to ear as your hips shake to the hypnotic Latin rhythms of this one-of-a-kind class! The routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. The hour will go by so quickly that you won't even realize you're sweating and when it's finished, you'll want to do it all over again!


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